Think Outside The Box, Reach The New Heights

UMIDIGI Crystal is another milestone in our endless journey towards innovation: to achieve this incredible result, we had to break down all of our boundaries and think out of the box, pushing again ourselves to the limit.


Think Outside The Box, Experience the Border-less World


With an unprecedented screen ratio, the ultra-high screen proportions on a 5.5″ display pushes pixels closer to the edge of the phone. This is a massive technological leap from typical phones today and will change forever your approach with a smartphone. Once the display lights up, your contents and colors will jump to life: your smartphone will look like a window to the world, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Where are the front camera,earpiece speaker and proximity sensor?


In order to expand the screen coverage to the maximum, we stripped away what are normally placed on the front surface of the phone. We relocate these components through structural innovation. The Box Audio Cavity design allows the earpiece to conceal itself as a very thin line on the top-end of the front surface. The proximity sensor is relocated to the top-end of the device. The front camera is also moved to to lower-right end of the front surface, enabling a 16:9 display ratio for full content viewing experience.

See The World Without Boundaries

13MP+5MP SAMSUNG® Dual-Lens Cameras

The dual 13MP + 5MP SAMSUNG® rear cameras are able to absorb more light compared to the standard single-sensor, giving you better results. Capture your best moments in high quality and use the DSLR-like bokeh effect.

1.5GHz Octa-Core processor, a Great Performer


Powered by a 1.5GHz Octa-Core A53 64-bit processor, the UMIDIGI Crystal is able to handle your daily tasks with ease, enjoy smooth performances. The Mali T860 GPU clocked at 650MHz increases gaming and video performances by more than 50% compared to previous generation, while reducing power consumption. This processor guarantees an excellent balance between performance and energy efficiency, ideal for a phone ready to handle every situation.

Fast 4G LTE Cat-6, Dual SIM dual standby


Both SIM slots are compatible with 4G, respectively. When both slots are in use, only one can receive LTE service while the other recieve 3G Signal. Default 4G slot is the number 1. Enjoy faster web experience and make your internet connection faster and more stable.

Accurate Touch ID Sensor

Precise, Responsive and Harmonized

UMIDIGI Crystal offers a very accurate Touch ID Sensor, set on the rear of the phone. A gentle touch is all it takes to activate the device.The fingerprint sensor is in line with the camera sensors, it feels natural to touch and pleasant to look.

What are they talking about UMIDIGI Crystal

Siamo molto interessati verso questo modello borderless, con il quale UMIDIGI pare punti a coprire ogni fascia del mercato, ponendosi in competizione diretta con Mi Mix per quanto riguarda il design, terminale al quale Crystal trae chiaramente ispirazione.

модель собирается завоевать статус самого доступного безрамочного смартфона на рынке.

Cieszy mnie natomiast to, że UMIDIGI — w przeciwieństwie do Xiaomi — nie wpakowało do swojego telefonu przesadnie dużego ekranu. Przy 5,5-calowej przekątnej i wąskich ramkach powinno być to urządzenie bardzo zgrabne.

This company continues to find themselves paving the way when it comes to premium features in their budget devices.